Our ultimate guide for sustainable gifts in 2022

From thoughtful experiences to planet-friendly must-haves, we’ve got you covered with a list of gifts that are bound to excite and inspire your favourite people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are our top gifting ideas to add to your holiday shopping cart.  

For the fashion friend  

Everybody appreciates an everyday staple. Look no further than a pair of jeans or Top for that fashion-forward and eco-minded friend. For extra brownie points? Wrap them up with a Modibodi Everyday Bundle Pack to keep them covered every day of the week.    

For the experience aficionado   

If their love language is quality time, why not opt for a special experience you can both enjoy? Get down and dirty with a pottery making class, create an IOU for an at-home dinner party for two, try your hand at rock-climbing or head out on an epic nature adventure.  

For the beach babe   

Whether your daughter, friend or partner is heading into summer or jetting off on a sunny holiday, our new range of mind-blowing period swimwear is the perfect gift. That’s right – this collection is cleverly designed to look just like their favourite bathers, all while absorbing 1-2 tampons without leaking.  

For the whole family 

Our mates at Boucles project have some lovely hair care to combine with any Modibodi products shampoos, conditioners, styling products, hair brushes etc.


For the make-up enthusiast 

For a fresh, planet-friendly way to clean your face, reusable cleaning pads are just the ticket. Our friends at Mrs Mommy have some lovely cleaning pads for everyone.


For the health queen  

Got that friend who’s always recommending new workouts or recipes? We’ve got the gift idea for them. How about a sustainable lunch box?This adds a little eco-friendly luxury to their weekly meal prep. 


The emotional support gift set

A nice water bottle or Coffee cup is always appreciated to keep your friends caffeinated, hydrated and emotionally supported. Destined to be a popular gift under trees and in office Kris Kringle's this year - the perfect gift when you're not sure what to get. 

A gift that'll change their life

Period undies - odd gift you say? Hear us out. Time and time again we hear our customers say that switching to period undies is 'life-changing', that it has given them confidence and has completely altered the way they experience their periods, or bladder leaks. Not to mention the decrease in use of disposables. So if you've got a friend that is still yet to try them or you are trying to convince someone, why not get them a Modibodi gift card that could change their life? Less landfill, less leaks.