Puma x Modibodi

Yes, the sizing is consistent with current Modibodi underwear sizes.  

You can check our size guide for measurements here.  

The same way you care for your regular Modibodi!  

Rinse after use until water runs clear.   
Machine cold wash.    
Line dry.   
Do not bleach.    
Do not soak.    
Do not add softener.    
Do not tumble dry.    
Do not iron.  

You can get more information from our care guide.  

You’ll have to stay tuned!  

If you’re looking for current limited-edition colours and prints, we have a wide range of colours and absorbencies in our core Modibodi ranges:  


Modibodi Underwear 

Active Range 

Yes! Modibodi & Puma have worked together to ensure all fabrics are both breathable and moisture wicking, providing you the most comfort during active work outs (or your regular day)! 

You can purchase our Puma x Modibodi range through the Modibodi website.  

They will not be available in Puma stores in Cyprus.  


The gusset is our Merino wool gusset liner. You can read more about this here

No, the garment itself is not biodegradable, however, the Merino wool gusset layer is! You can cut the top layer out and bury in active soil, or pop into landfill to breakdown.

Modibodi works closely with a number of suppliers outside of Australia.  Our manufacturers are audited on an annual basis and comply with ethical work standards and conditions. Our fabrics are Standard 100 by Oeko-tex certified to be free from harmful substances. 


Our Merino wool is non-mulesing sourced from Australian and New Zealand farms.  The main garment fabric and mesh panel fabric are Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.  

Yes, all materials in our Puma x Modibodi range is Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified. 

When purchased through the Modibodi website, our Puma x Modibodi range will be subject to Modibodi warranty and faulty processes.  

All other purchases are subject to the website or stockist they were purchased through.  

If you believe you have received a product from the Modibodi website that is faulty, please contact our Customer Experience team at info@modibodi.com.cy so we can investigate and resolve this issue for you.    

If the fault is proven to be a manufacturing fault, we will honour a store credit on faulty pairs for up to 6 (six) months post-purchase date. General wear and tear damages, including damage incurred as a result of not following our care instructions, are not considered to be product faults. 

Yes, this range is a limited-edition range available while stocks last. 

The available sizing is from 08/XS – 20/3XL. Not all styles will be available in all sizes. 

Main: Recycled Polyester 82%, Spandex 18% with miDori® bioWick Treatment 

Mesh Feature Panel: 92% Recycled Polyester, 8% Spandex with miDori® bioWick Treatment 

Gusset: 100% Merino Wool with Sciessent Lava X2 anti-odour protection. Microfibre Towel 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide with Sciessent Lava X2, 100% Polyester Waterproof. 

Excludes trims 

Modibodi underwear is designed to totally replace the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons and pads. The patented absorbent gusset in the underwear draws blood into the middle layers of the gusset, leaving the top layer feeling dry while you wear!  


Modibodi™ uses high quality fabrics like Merino Wool to keep you dry and support breathability. Australian patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain-resistant lining for modern periods and leaks. 

You absolutely can! Our underwear is designed to totally replace the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons and pads. Our Puma x Modibodi range comes in two absorbencies: Super Light (5mls) for discharge, expecting your period, or really lightflows,  and Moderate-Heavy (15mls) for feeling carefree and confident on medium to heavy period days – holding up to 2-3 tampons’ worth!

Our patented Modifier Technology™  is made with Merino wool with natural anti-odour properties and treated with an anti-odour protection for increased assurance. 


As long as they are cared for correctly, your Modibodi garments will minimise odour while you’re out and about, being active, or lounging around! 


If you do notice an issue with odour, we recommend popping a bit of vinegar or eucalyptus oil in the wash with your Modibodi, and ensuring you are leaving them out to fully dry before packing away. You can always contact our Customer Experience team at info@modibodi.com.cy for more personalised assistance.  

It’s really a matter for the individual to determine how the absorbency options fit with their flow – everyone's flow is different! It may also be different on certain days of your period.  

Our products have been scientifically proven for safe wear for up to 24 hours, but we do recommend testing them first to understand your flow and the absorbency option you’ve chosen.  

For new customers, we recommend trying your Puma x Modibodi at home for a day to better understand how your flow works with our technology, and for you to understand the key indicators for needing to change over to a fresh pair.  

A helpful tip for changing over is when the top layer of the gusset/padding begins to feel wet. Our top layer technology is designed to keep you feeling dry as it absorbs the liquid into the middle layers. The top layer will start to feel wet when the middle 

It’s really a matter for the individual to determine how the absorbency options fit with their flow – everyone's flow is different! It may also be different on certain days of your period.  

Our products have been scientifically proven for safe wear for up to 24 hours, but we do recommend testing them first to understand your flow and the absorbency option you’ve chosen.  

For new customers, we recommend trying your Puma x Modibodi at home for a day to better understand how your flow works with our technology, and for you to understand the key indicators for needing to change over to a fresh pair.  

A helpful tip for changing over is when the top layer of the gusset/padding begins to feel wet. Our top layer technology is designed to keep you feeling dry as it absorbs the liquid into the middle layers. The top layer will start to feel wet when the middle 

No stress here! If you suspect you’ll need to change during the day, we recommend grabbing one of our Modibodi Waterproof Bags to bring a fresh pair and then store your used pair in! It’s as simple as that. They’re the perfect size to fit in a handbag (or backpack) and are also super discreet. Just swap over to a fresh pair, pop your used Puma x Modibodi into the Waterproof Bag and don’t forget to rinse them out when you get home. 

General Product Information

Our organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, and stipulates requirements throughout the supply chain for both ecological and labour conditions in textile and apparel manufacturing.

Modibodi has a no PFAS policy and a due diligence process that monitors the material inputs of our product. There are no PFAS intentionally added into our products and we test our materials for a wide range of known hazardous substances and harmful chemicals including PFAS.  

PFAS stands for per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances and are manufactured chemicals used in products that resist heat, oil, stains and water. Our durable water repellent treatments are created with non-fluorinated raw material and no PFAS are intentionally added into the products. All our treatments are Bluesign* APPROVED and ZDHC compliant. 

All our fabrics and products are tested and certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® includes testing for per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl compounds (PFAS) according to PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and salts as well as PFOA-related substances. 

Modibodi products do not contain nanotechnology. We review all materials and treatments to confirm that there is no nanotechnology used in the manufacture of our products.  

Modibodi underwear combines stylishly comfortable designs and state-of-the-art patented fibre technology to give super power protection against life’s annoying but very common bodily functions like sweat, light bladder leaks, menstrual onset, menstrual overflow/spotting, discharge, odour and breast milk leaks.

We guarantee your regular underwear cannot do that! When the correct absorbency product is purchased, Modibodi sustainable and leak-proof underwear can be worn as a total replacement to disposable products such as pads, panty liners, and tampons.

Sometimes your favourite styles, colours and sizes can be out of stock. We work on restocking every month to ensure you’re not waiting for too long!  


If you would like to join our waitlist to be notified when your favourite item is back in stock, you can pop over to the product page, select the size and colour you want, and click NOTIFY ME.  

Just enter your email address and we will let you know as soon as the stock is back in store.  

Please note that if a seasonal colour or print is out of stock, it will typically not be restocked so you’ll have to wait for the next round to see what new colours and prints are available!  

Modibodi Teen was created to make periods less messy – and less stressy – for tweens and teens. Designed for younger, growing bodies and perfect for those starting their period or with irregular cycles, Modibodi RED underwear, sleepwear and swimwear replaces the need for disposable pads and tampons, making it easy to manage periods at school, sleepovers, sport, swimming…anywhere! 

Featuring the same patented absorbent technology as Modibodi, RED’s sustainable, reusable underwear are regularly released in limited edition prints and patterns which reflect the brand’s playful vibe and make the introduction to period management a little less daunting. Forget period panic and checking the back of your school dress for leaks, pop on a pair of RED and get on with your day. 

We sure do! Our vegan range includes leak-proof underwear, activewear 3/4 leggings, and our one-piece swimsuit!  

You can find our vegan range here. 

Our Recycled Swimwear range is also vegan. 

Modibodi is an Australian owned business, and our garments are designed right here in Sydney. To create our pants, we require the specialisedtechnical skills and machinery available in global garment manufacturing hubs,sowe produceour garments in China. We have worked with our three wonderful manufacturing partners in China for many yearsand speak with them daily.

We love that you are interested in all the reasons our products are friendly on the planet – take a look around our sustainability pages for lots more information on our products, the materials we use and our Preferred Materials Standard, responsible sourcing, climate action and lots more. You can search here. 

As a female, purpose-led business, Modibodi supports all efforts to ensure women’s right to dignity and to have safe, healthy and rewarding work that is fairly remunerated. All our direct suppliers agree to our Code of Conduct which is based on the International Labour Organization's core standards for safe, fair and healthy working conditions. The employees in our tier 1 suppliers earn above the minimum wage and all our manufacturers and fabric suppliers are OEKO-TEX certified and third-party audited.  


Modibodi is proud to be highlighted as part of Oxfam’s What She Makes campaign for our work to close any gap between the above minimum wages we currently pay and a living wage. The story behind what we are doing is more than what can be communicated in social posts. For further information on our plan refer here

Our garments are a reusable alternative to disposable menstruation and continence products. 

By choosing to wear our patented Modifier Technology underpants and swimwear and you can prevent the thousands of panty liners, pads and tampons ending up in landfill or flushed into our waterways. The average woman will use 15,000 disposable menstrual products in her lifetime, and women with incontinence may use an additional 1,000 liners-pads per year.  

By choosing to wear Modifier Technology Breastfeeding Bra and/or Cami you can also stop on average around 1,000 nursing pads (based on 8 pads per day used for 3 months) ending up in landfill for each child you breastfeed.  


We choose to use high-quality fabrics that align to our Preferred Material Standard. Our Merino wool is sourced from Australian farms that are non-mulesed or who have ceased mulesing. Our organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We use bamboo viscose and lyocell from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers and we use Global Recycled Standard certified recycled nylon.  


As long as cared for properly, our garments can be used and worn just as long as regular underwear. Head over to our website here to see how much CO2 emissions you can save by switching to Modibodi. 

While Modibodi underwear covers you all day, every day, we do not advise you to use Modibodi or RED underpants for swimming due to the nature of the fibres and fabrics used.  

We have developed a line of swimwear that use fibres and fabrics specifically suitable for wearing in the water for light-moderate incontinence and light-moderate period days. 

You can check out our Modibodi Swimwear range here

The right absorbency for you will depend on your flow.  

It’s really a matter for the individual to determine which absorbency is most suitable to their period and/or incontinence needs.  

Our products have been scientifically proven for safe wear for up to 24 hours, but we do recommend testing them first to understand your flow and the absorbency option you’ve chosen.  

For new customers, we recommend trying Modibodi at home for a day to better understand how your flow works with our technology, and for you to understand the key indicators for needing to change over to a fresh pair.  

A helpful tip for changing over is when the gusset/padding begins to feel wet. Our top layer technology is designed to keep you feeling dry as it absorbs the liquid into the middle layers. The top layer will start to feel wet when the middle of the gusset has reached capacity, indicating the need to change to a fresh pair.  

Some helpful info regarding our product absorbency can be found here. 

An overview of our absorbency ranges is here:  


0ml = Moisture wicking only 

For: Combatting sweat on hot days, during tough workouts or under pressure 


2.5ml - 5ml =1 tampon or 1 teaspoon 

For: Occasional discharge and little drips 


10ml = 2 tampons or 1-2 teaspoons 

For: Using alone on light-medium period days, as back up on heavy period days, for sneaky leaks and heavy discharge 


15ml = 2-3 tampons or 3 teaspoons 

For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets or sneaky wee leaks and heavy discharge 


20ml = 3-4 tampons or 4 teaspoons 

For: Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets, or for those 'I almost weed my pants' leaks 


50 ml = 10 tampons or 10 teaspoons. 

For: Tested to hold at least 50ml per day, the average woman loses 2 to 3 tablespoons or 30-50ml of blood over 5 days. Using alone on heavy period days, overnight for protecting your white sheets, or for those 'I almost weed my pants' leaks 

The Modibodi Moisture Wicking range include the Modifier Air Technology to keep you fresh and dry. The top layer is 100% superfine Merino wool which is soft and breathable, wicks away moisture and absorbs and locks away odour only releasing it when you throw your Modibodi in the washing machine. Regular underwear is often made of synthetics fabrics that don’t breathe, trapping moisture next to your skin which creates odour .

How do I care for my Modibodi?

Modibodi products are machine washable.  

We recommend washing on a gentle cycle, cold machine wash and hang to dry for a sun-kissed feel. 

Quick Tips: 

To maximize the performance of your garments, please give your Modibodi a good wash before your first wear. This will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset to ensure the product is absorbent. 

Hang your Breastfeeding Bra or Cami from the straps to avoid stretching the fabric. 

Use a laundry bag to wash your Modibodi garments. Natural fibres wash well, but don’t like zippers! 

No fabric softeners and strong detergents e.g. stain removers, please! It breaks down the hi-tech function of our garments and also reduces the durability of the fabrics and trims, so they won’t last as long.  

No tumble-drying or exposure to high temperatures, please! Exposure to high temperatures can impact the technology in the gusset and also damage the Merino wool layers of the gusset/padding. 

Do not soak.  Squeezing the deposits out under the running water is much more effective, as soaking does not necessarily clear the gusset out fully. It is more effective to rinse under running water and then place them into the washing machine. 

Once dry, store your Modibodi garments in a dry laundry bag for extra protection (just like your winter jumpers) – as they are made from natural fibres such as wool, little nasty bugs such as silverfish do like to take a bite! 

As underwear is considered a delicate product, we strongly recommend following our care instructions to ensure you get the most wear out of your underwear.  

Firstly, make sure that your Modibodi'sare fully dry, and then you can just pop them in your regular undies drawer. However, you can also store your garments in a dry laundry bag (just like your winter jumpers) – as they are made from natural fiberes such as Merino wool, this will protect them further from little bugs such as silverfish. 

The lifespan of your Modibodi products is largely dependent on the wash and care of the garments.  Underwear is considered a delicate product, so the elastic and thread may get damaged with wear and tear. We will guarantee the quality and fabrics for a period of up to six (6) months and will replace faulty garments up until this time if deemed to be a manufacturer fault. After this time, it will be classified as general wear and tear.  Though wear and tear may appear this will not impact the effectiveness of the Modifier Technology built into the gusset of the product.  If you have purchased an item and believe it to be faulty, please contact our Customer Experience team at info@modibodi.com.cy to see if your product is still under warranty.  Please note our Customer Experience team will need general information like your order number, the batch number of the product, and often a photo to validate the faults.  

Don't worry, an accidental tumble dry will not ruin your Modibodi garment.  

We do advise refraining from using a tumble dryer all together, as consistent exposure to high temperatures can break down the hi-tech function over time and will result in a much shorter life span of the garment. 

No, if cared for correctly, your Modibodi garments won’t smell.  If left soaking for more than a few hours or stored when the undies are not yet fully dried, your underwear can end up smelling mildewy and musty.  

To remove the smell your underwear has, please dilute some white vinegar in a thin layer of water 1:3 (just enough to cover your underwear) and rinse out your underwear, ensuring you rub the gusset/padding. You can leave the underwear in this for a short period of time, but do not soak for a long period (no longer than 20 minutes). You can then place them in the wash and add some more vinegar to the wash load 1:5. For best results, hang them out under the sun and make sure that the undies are fully dry before storing them back in your drawers. 


This should combat any current odour present in your undies. You can also use eucalyptus in your wash load to further combat this. 

They sure are! Bleach-free zone here. 

As long as our care instructions are followed to the T, it should not stain. 

Our patented technology means every leak and odour is absorbed and won’t leak through! 

Blood and urine don’t have a strong odour. Sometimes vaginal fluid and bacteria can create odour – this is normal. To give you peace of mind, our Modifier Technology combats odour. The moisture-wicking gusset layer is made of 100% Merino wool which naturally locks away odour, only releasing it when you throw your Modibodi in the washing machine. For our products that don’t have Merino wool in the gusset, we use an anti-odour treatment to give you piece of mind your undies won’t smell.

How does it work?

Modibodi is reusable and sustainable leak-proof apparel that totally replaces the need for disposable products such as panty liners, tampons, pads, and incontinence products.

Modibodi™ uses high quality fabrics like Merino Wool to keep you dry and support breathability. Australian patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain-resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ – a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining for getting sweaty.

We also have our patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology™  found exclusively in our water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range.

Yes! If you are one of the 1 in 3 women that experience light to moderate bladder leaks or light incontinence, our Australian patented Modifier Technology™ underpants are a fantastic option for you.

They are breathable, odour resistant, super absorbent, leak-proof, stain-resistant, and wick moisture away from your skin so you feel dry, odour free and fresh all day.

Absolutely, this is very important!
Not only for hygienic purposes (we all need to wash newly bought undies before use!) but also to maximize the performance of your garments.

Before your first wear, give your Modibodi garments a wash as this will help activate the Modifier Technology in the gusset.

Please note if this is your first order and you are wanting to trial the product, we recommend only opening,washing and using 1x pair to see how you go. Our returns policy indicates that we are unable to accept opened items as returns.

Yes! All of our products are great for sweat but in particular, our Modifier Air (Moisture Wicking) range was made for perspiration relief only.

They are naturally odour resistant and moisture-wicking thanks to Merino wool, moving sweat away from your skin, so you can feel dry and fresh no matter how hot it gets.

No way! Modibodi has been rigorously and independently tested against all other reusable and disposable leak-proof products on the market and we are proud to say that we are the driest available. This means that providing you match our absorbency with your flow then you will remain dry and protected.

Modibodi underwear can be a total replacement for disposable feminine hygiene products (panty liners, pads, tampons) OR can work in conjunction with them.  

It’s all about knowing your flow, and which absorbency level suits you best. You can find out more information on our different absorbency levels here. 

Absolutely, our products do not require the use of a tampon or menstrual cup, and offer a total replacement to disposable hygiene.

Yes! Especially if you are one of the 1 in 2 people who experience overflow during your periods/menstrual cycle.  

Our Modifier Technology™ is leak-proof moisture-wicking, absorbent, stain and odour resistant and is an amazing back up to ensure you never have to fear a period leak.  

When the correct absorbency product is purchased, Modibodi can be worn as a total replacement to disposable products such as pads, panty liners, and tampons. 

Social Impact & Sustainability

Period poverty is a global health issue which reinforces gender inequality, increases hardship and causes people to miss out on education, work and social activities, whether that’s because the topic is taboo in your community, or because you can’t afford to buy products to manage your period.   


There are a number of factors that contribute to period poverty, including lack of education, taboos and stigmas around periods which can often be linked to cultural practices, poor sanitation infrastructure and inability to access the correct menstrual products due to financial or other circumstances.     


For more information and statistics about period poverty and how we work to address period inequity, visit our  Social Impact page. 

Modibodi’s vision is to build a brand that makes the world better by empowering everybody to make real, positive change. As part of this vision, Modibodi actively works with like-minded partners.   


Current global partners include Plan International Australia, Thread Together, Support The Girls, The Good Box (AU). Maasai Water Project (Africa), Bloody Good Period and Irise (UK), The Period Place (NZ), Mai Movement Hawaii (USA). 


For more information on our partners and how we work together, visit our  Social Impact  page. 

Modibodi strives to create a lighter footprint on the planet every day. We recognise that packaging is another opportunity to protect the planet by keeping Ancient and Endangered Forests standing and out of the packaging supply chain.  

We are very proud to work with Canopy’s Pack4Good campaign to source Next Generation alternatives. In 2022, we will implement our Canopy Package4Good policy in the procurement of paper products and man-made cellulose fabrics, including a focus on the redesign and reuse of cardboard shipping boxes. Read our Canopy Policy Commitment  

Our current cardboard sleeve product packaging and boxes are Forests Stewardship Council (FSC)certified and made from a minimum of 75% recycled paper (max 10% FSC paper, water and starch) and can be recycled after use. 

To deliver our products to you dry, safe and without plastic, we use compostable ComPOST parcel bags, which are made from GMO-free renewable plants and compostable resin. The Better Packaging Company is a certified B Corp and also certified Climate Positive, offsetting their own carbon emissions by 120%. 

The great thing about Modibodi is that they last.  

We design our products for longevity and durability as this is one of the key principles to creating a sustainable product – yes we also work hard to choose fabrics that reduce environmental impacts.  

But at the end of their life what can you do – these are some great guidelines to keep products within the value chain: 

Reuse – with your old clean pants – you can use as a cleaning rag. 

Recycle - reach out to your local textile recycling centre. 

In 2022 we are investigating a take back pilot to understand the capacity of recycling plant to recycle textiles and what our end-of-life products could be turned in to.  

All our products are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® tested and certified as free from harmful substances to human health including allergens and carcinogens. Our certificates cover Class 1 for baby products, Class 2 recycled products, organic products and other fibres.STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, semi-finished and finished products at all processing stages.

We make reusable apparel to manage life’s leaks because it’s better for your body...and better for the planet. Our products have a purpose, are made from fabrics which feel good, being reused to manage all of life’s leaks, day after day, month after month, year after year.  

Why choose to reuse? Let’s count the reasons – and the stats are scary. Firstly, despite looking and feeling like cotton, most pads and tampons are primarily made of plastic – up to 90%4 for pads – with one pack of pads containing the same amount of plastic as 5 plastic bags5.  

Just ONE disposable pad takes between 500 and 800 years to biodegrade6, which means the first pads ever made are still in landfill somewhere in the world. In Australia, women use an estimated 500 million pads7 each year. Plus, the average tampon user goes through about 11,0008 in their menstruating lifetime, each tampon takes longer than the average female lifespan to degrade, and plastic tampon applicators take 25 years to break down in the ocean. It’s estimated that over the course of their menstruating life, the average person disposes of approximately 200kg of tampons, pads and applicators9.  

In the UK alone, almost 28,000 tampon applicators are fished out of the ocean every single day, with disposable menstrual hygiene waste collectively generating 200,000 tonnes of waste per year10.When you consider the additional waste caused by single-use products for managing incontinence, as well as disposable nappies, the environmental impact is incredibly serious. 

When it comes to disposable nappies, the environmental toll is enormous.   

Between birth and the age of three, the average child will use around 6,500 disposable nappies, generating one tonne of plastic waste. In the US alone, approximately 27.4 billion disposable nappies are used every year – the equivalent of 3.4 million tonnes of waste heading to landfill. A UK study has found one year’s worth of nappy wearing by children in the UK contributes the same emissions as that produced by 98,600 cars driving for 12,000 miles each. [2] 

According to the Victorian* government, 3.75 million disposable nappies are used every day in Australia and New Zealand, with one cup of crude oil used to make each disposable nappy and every single one taking 150+ years to break down in landfill. Plus, the methane (a greenhouse gas) released from rotting soiled nappies contributes to global warming.  

Modibodi is committed to reducing our reliance on single-use items such as pads and tampons and disposable nappies to manage our periods and other leaks. These ‘convenient’ products come with an inconvenient environmental cost. Single use products require the collection of raw materials which generates significant carbon emissions and water use. Some products are washed into our waterways, directly impacting marine life, and many end up in landfill where they leak chemical toxins into the soil for hundreds of years.   

Modibodi’s own research reveals that 65 to 80 per cent of our Australian customers made the switch to reusable underwear to replace their use of disposable period and incontinence products, highlighting the positive impact our products are having on the environment. 

For a wide range of statistics around waste and sustainability, visit our STATISTICS source document.

It can be discarded to landfill or sent to a textile recycler, however, please check with your specific recycling company if they accept underwear. By choosing to switch to our regular Modibodi underpants from disposable products you are already making a huge benefit for the environment in reducing carbon emissions and waste!

Customer Account Management

You can update your account details, please login here.

Please review our website security policy here and our privacy policy here.

Deliveries & Shipping Information

Your order is packed with love and shipped within 3 days. 

Yes you can! you can visit the ACS website and enter the tracking number you receive on email when your order is shipped.

Maternity & Postpartum

Our Postpartum Control Brief uses the same patented technology which has made Modibodi Australia’s leading leak-proof apparel brand over the past 8 years. The built-in lining has multiple layers, a top layer which draws moisture away from the body so you feel dry, an absorbent middle layer which locks fluid away and fights odour and bacteria, and a waterproof bottom layer which protects your clothing from leaks.   

No. Our underwear is designed with a built-in lining to absorb postpartum bleeding, discharge or unexpected bladder leaks, and this brief has a Moderate-Heavy absorbency to hold up to 15ml of fluid.

We don’t suggest wearing this brief in the first few days after giving birth – our Maternity Brief-Maxi is the best choice in the beginning – but beyond that the Postpartum Control Brief is a great choice combining trusted protection from bleeding and leaks together with firm tummy and lower back support whilst your body is healing.

If you’re planning to wear the Postpartum Control Brief in the immediate weeks after birth we advise buying the underwear size you were wearing (for briefs) during your third trimester. You can then purchase a different size if needed as your body adjusts in the months after baby.

Our Postpartum Control Brief provides firm support (great when your post-birth core isn’t at its best) like shapewear, but with the added benefit of absorbing postpartum bleeding, discharge and leaks.

Of course, anyone looking for leak-proof protection combined with targeted support will love this style.

Our Maternity Brief uses the same patent-pending technology as our popular Maxi technology products which absorb up to 50ml – the equivalent of 10 tampons’ worth - making it ideal for postpartum bleeding. The built-in lining has multiple layers. The top layer inhibits bacterial growth and wicks moisture away from the body to keep you feeling dry, the middle absorbent layers lock fluid away and fight odour, and the bottom waterproof layer protects your clothing from leaks. The absorbent lining runs from the front to the back waistband for secure protection.  

No. You can wear our Maternity Brief – Maxi without any disposable pads, however, you may need to change a couple of times a day during the first 1 to 3 days postpartum dependent on your flow, so we advise purchasing several pairs. After the postpartum period, you can continue to wear these once your period returns either for heavier bleeding days or overnight protection.

That will depend on your postpartum flow, but you may need to change after a few hours on the first day, and then less as the days go on. After the first few days of heavier postpartum bleeding you might wish to swap to our other styles, such as the Heavy Overnight or Moderate-Heavy absorbencies to adjust to your flow.

If you pass clots during the first few days postpartum (most people do), any blood will be absorbed into the underwear’s built-in lining, while clots will sit on top, just like they do with disposable maternity pads. You can then just tip them into the toilet. Chat to your midwife or medical professional about the ‘normal’ range of clots to expect so that you can let them know if anything out of the ordinary is happening. 

If you plan to wear the Maternity Brief exclusively in the first few days postpartum we suggest buying 5+ pairs as you may need to change a couple of times a day for the first three days and might not have time for washing every day (funny that!).

The dipped V-shaped waistband on our Maternity Brief sits pretty low but it will likely still sit above your C-section incision. However, the waistband is wide and the fabric is incredibly soft, so it should not irritate your surgical wound. Some customers prefer to wear our Full Brief style which sits higher on the tummy in the post-surgical period.

Our leak-proof lining has multiple layers. The top Merino wool layer naturally inhibits bacterial growth and has moisture wicking properties to keep you feeling cool and dry. Leaking breast milk is absorbed into the second layer of Microfibre Terry where it is locked away. The moulded foam cup sits behind this absorbent layer. The outer layer is water repellent to protect your clothes from leaks.

The result? A comfy leak-proof cup which eliminates the need for environmentally-harmful disposable breast pads.

Absolutely not. That's the beauty of the innovative, patent-pending leak-proof cup in both our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami – leaking breast milk is absorbed within the cup and locked away to keep you feeling comfortable and dry – while saving money...and the planet.

We advise measuring during your third trimester to get the most accurate size. Check out our size guide below which shows the equivalent cup size for different band measurements. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami come in sizing which will accommodate three cup sizes ie 10C – DD is the size for a 10C, 10D and 10DD.

The innovative leak-proof cup in our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami has a flexible, moulded, non-wired design with some ‘give’ so it moulds to your shape. Both styles feature adjustable shoulder straps to help you find the right fit, while the Breastfeeding Bra also has an extendable hook and eye to adapt to your changing body.

It does. While our Breastfeeding Cami doesn’t have an underwire, it has powermesh internal crop support, adjustable straps and moulded cups to provide great support – and shape.

No. Breast milk is absorbed through the first layer into the absorbent middle layer. If there is any residue visible on the black lining, it will wash out on your regular machine wash cycle.

You sure can. As your body (and your breasts) grow during pregnancy, regular wired bras often become uncomfortable, so many people start wearing maternity bras whilst pregnant. The Flexi-fit sizing means our products can adapt to your changing body size (and shape!)

Yes. Our Breastfeeding Bra has an extendable hook and eye closure at the back so you can adjust as your body changes to find your perfect fit. Both styles have adjustable straps. 

No, there is no removable padding. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami offer an all-in-one design with a moulded foam cup for great shape and support.

It doesn’t - and that’s why it’s so comfy to wear, and to sleep in. It does have power mesh in the back wings, adjustable straps, breathable fabric and moulded cups to provide great support – and shape.

Definitely. Our Breastfeeding Bra and Breastfeeding Cami are both wirefree, ensuring they’re comfortable enough to wear during the day, overnight, or both. Plus, the Merino wool lining inside the leak-proof cup is moisture wicking to keep you feeling cool and dry, while the Breastfeeding Cami is made from super soft stretch bamboo.

Can I wash them in the wachine machine? 

Of course. Who has time for handwashing and a new baby? Just wash on a delicates cycle at 30°C or below (in a delicates bag if you can) with regular laundry detergent – no fabric softeners please.

What temperature / cycle can I use? 

We advise a delicates washing cycle at 30°C or below.

Does it need to be washed every day? 

Everybody is different, and the amount of breast milk you leak is also different so there is no hard and fast rule. We suggest having at least three Breastfeeding Bras or Breastfeeding Camis (or a combination of both) so you can rotate them and wash them regularly.

What detergents do I use to wash it? 

Your regular laundry detergent is perfect. There’s no need to buy or use any special products, and please remember not to use any fabric softener as it impacts the performance of the leak-proof lining.

Can I use the tumble dryer?

No, afraid not. Just hang them to dry like you do with your other Modibodi to keep them in great shape.