“Together we can create great
change and meaningful impact.”

Kristy Chong

2.3 billion people globally lack basic sanitation services


Give A Pair - Let’s create period equity together


We talk plainly, and positively, about periods and we’re committed to developing young people’s knowledge about bodies, period health, physical and emotional changes and menstruation management options. We work with exceptional partners to supply sample reusable underwear for school education programs – including ‘teaching the teachers’ about the importance of planet-friendly period product options for the next generation.

Our Parters are amazing: Ready for Red in Europe, My Vital Cycles, Bright Girl Health and the Sustainable Period Project in Australia, Bloody Good Period and IRISE in the UK, and Period Place in New Zealand. We support international advocacy groups such as Period Equity in the US and the Menstrual Health Hub by Madami Germany.

City to Sea

Educating UK period users on protect our oceans and the impact of flushing disposable products down the toilet. UK schools can order kits online to highlight reusable options.

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Period Equity

Fighting for menstrual equity for menstrual products to be tax-exempt, affordable and available for all, safe for bodies and the planet. Periods should not hold anyone back, period.

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