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In 2021 we launched our paid Menstruation, Menopause and Miscarriage Leave policy, and we’re proud to be one of the few Australian-based companies to acknowledge the needs of women in the workplace. This policy offers support and understanding on the days when physical or emotional symptoms may make it difficult to be at work.

Normalise Period Conversations

We champion conversations promoting real, honest, open, positive conversations about health issues – including periods, incontinence and menopause. We’re about breaking taboos and reducing body shame, stigma and isolation (but sadly not cramps!) for every body.

We want young people expecting their first period to know what’s happening to their body, and to feel confident and comfortable managing their menstrual cycle and enjoying everyday activities with their period – including school and sports.

We want men and women experiencing incontinence to feel confident to fully participate in life and women in menopause to know that it is not something to be feared or ignored, you will get through it.

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Our Campaigns

Menstrual Health Day Activation

Menstrual Health Day is a celebration and acknowledgment of our bodies, as well as a opportunity to acknowledge the fact many people face barriers to having a natural, healthy period. In 2021 Modibodi took over a Sydney space to create an installation that challenged community understanding of period poverty and expectations on global period equity.

An activation for Menstrual Health Day that started conversations -the first step to change.

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The New Way To Period

Historically, people have been taught to feel uncomfortable, unnatural and dirty when they are menstruating The New Way To Period campaign film inspires us to break down those barriers and empower women to feel want they want to feel. Because there is a new way to period with Modibodi.

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Embodied Postpartum

Not to mention exhausting...and exhilarating. Often all at the same time. And yet the full spectrum of the postpartum experience is rarely portrayed in the media. Until now. Embodied is a social change project to reflect postpartum around the world in its highs, lows, exhaustion and joy.

Modibodi partnered with Getty Images photographers around the world to rewrite the narrative with Postpartum Unfiltered, a library of raw images sharing real bodies, moments and milestones so postpartum women feel seen, understood and supported – as individuals, not just parents.

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