Modibodi partners with Gen M to talk menopause

Let’s talk about menopause.  

So much more than hot flushes, there are actually 48 symptoms of menopause, and everybody experiences them (or some of them) differently. But most people, including those in the middle of menopause, don’t even realise some of the challenges they’re facing are menopause related…and that’s because we don’t talk about it. Or not nearly enough.  

That’s why we’re excited to join the positive menopause revolution as one of the first Founding Partners of GenM – the menopause partner for brands. 

Who is Gen M? 

Put simply, Gen M was created to raise awareness of menopause, and its 48 symptoms.  

It’s a resource hub connecting those approaching or going through menopause – and their support networks – to information, products, services and brands which support perimenopausal and menopausal women during this transformative life stage.  


To reduce the stigma around menopause, to increase education and awareness, and to normalise conversations about this natural but sometimes difficult period so women going through menopause feel recognised and validated.   

Because right now, they don’t, which means there’s an ‘invisible generation’ of perimenopausal and menopausal women suffering from potentially debilitating mental and physical symptoms in silence.  

In fact, Gen M’s research reveals 75% of menopausal women believe menopause is still a social taboo that’s not openly discussed, 87% feel overlooked by brands – and society, 88% would like their workplace to be better for menopausal colleagues, and 97% believe brands should work harder to cater for the menopause.  

Why has Modibodi partnered with Gen M? 

Modibodi’s mission is to have limitless positive impact and give freedom to every bodi so people can enjoy life – without leaks. We’re committed to normalising conversations about women’s health, including menopause, and we wholeheartedly support Gen M’s game-changing campaign. As a Founding Member, we’re proud to stand with like-minded brands to reduce the stigma surrounding menopause, a natural part of life.  

“We’re excited to support Gen M’s mission to tackle taboos and raise awareness of the way menopause symptoms impact women’s lives. Education and open conversation are critical to bring menopause out of the shadows so women feel seen, understood and supported,” said Modibodi Founder and CEO, Kristy Chong.   

“We’re proud to be part of a new collective of progressive and responsible brands on this shared mission to improve the menopause experience, open conversations and help stop those going through menopause from being overlooked by our society.”  

By aligning with the GenM Pledge, we have committed to a series of actions, including being a voice for change and better representing menopausal women through effective products, services, workplace policies and marketing activity within our organisation. 

The menopause is not a gender or workplace issue alone, it’s an issue which affects all of society, directly or indirectly, and we must strive to make it a better experience for everyone, from friends and family to our colleagues and consumers.  

The menopause shouldn’t be feared, and we want women entering this life stage to feel educated, prepared and valued, which is we stand side-by-side with Gen M to transform attitudes and drive real change.  

As a founding partner of GenM, we pledge to:   

  1. Become part of a transformative brand-led movement to improve the menopause experience for consumers, clients and colleagues.
  1. Unite in the education and awareness of the 48 symptomsof themenopause, and understand the impact these can have on those affected, both directly and indirectly.  
  1. Serve the demand for better showcasing of products andservices that can support menopausal women and their support networks. 
  1. Take an active role in better representing the menopausalwoman and those in transition in future brand campaigns.
  1. Be a voice too loud to ignore– a voice for change tonormalise the menopause and make it part of our everyday conversations. 

What else is Modibodi doing?  

In 2021, we introduced our Menstruation, Menopause and Miscarriage Leave policy which entitles our staff to 10 days additional paid leave each year to use when suffering discomfort, including from common menopause symptoms such as insomnia, fatigue, mood changes and joint pain. We also offer our employees flexible working arrangements, and provide access to free confidential telephone counselling support, which can be used to help manage stress and anxiety during the changes of menopause.  

Our products  

Modibodi’s extensive range of reusable leak-proof underwear and apparel isn’t just for protection from periods.    

Those approaching menopause often choose our products to help manage irregular cycles, unpredictable spotting, changes in discharge and the bladder leaks which can become more common as pelvic floor muscles weaken with hormonal changes.  

From our lighter absorbencies for spotting and light flow through to our most absorbent Maxi-24hrs for heavy bleeding and frequent bladder leaks, there’s a Modibodi to manage the changes and challenges of both perimenopause and menopause.